Gold Angel Winner

One of the most fabulous personalities ever on the entertainment scene -- an actress, Symphony orchestra conductor, author, recording artist, puppeteer, and star of 1000 plus television shows both here and in England. Her name: SHARI LEWIS. Of course, she did have considerable help -- and one of her assistants is as well-known as she is. His name: LAMB CHOP.

For more than 30 years, Shari entertained millions of children and their parents. Along the way she won nine Emmys and awards from Peabody, John F. Kennedy Center, Parents' Choice and Action for Children's Television. A&E recently ran an hour biography. She has "starred" at the White House under President Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton. She gave four command performances for the Queen of England. For eight years she had her own TV series over BBC.

An accomplished musician, she has conducted major symphonies in the United States, Japan and Canada. She wrote many books, and created 17 home videos.


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